10 Things To Know About Generic Viagra

Hi there ladies and gentlemen! I welcome you all here from the very core of my heart as you guys know that I am very pleased to see you guys here when you read my articles to search for the best solutions to your hardest problems. Let’s get known Generic Viagra.

If you guys know about it then it is good to move further on and if you guys don’t know, then I should carry on by telling you that if you go back to 2017, the most popular erectile dysfunction medication Viagra went generic and since that day, prices of these erectile dysfunction medication Viagra have been dropped to as little as $4 per pill only but at some pharmacies not overall.

Before we get into the deep discussion about this product and the 10 things that you should know about this Generic Viagra pills, I think I should tell you what this Generic Viagra is and some important facts about it.

All About Generic Viagra

Generic Viagra

As you guys know that all the generic drugs, are medications that are bioequivalent or you can say virtually identical in strength, dosage, form, and performance of the characteristics to all the brand names that have lost the protection of their exclusive rights.

This product we are reviewing today aka Generic Viagra is a different form of branded Viagra. The thing to think of is that if you are looking for an erectile dysfunction treatment, then what does it mean about this Generic Viagra?

If you guys want to make sure that if you are getting the best value and high-quality treatment then it will help you to understand the actual difference between a branded medication and generic medication.

I know it will be a little difficult for you guys right now to make a better decision that whether which one is a better option to go for, right? You would be thinking that if the names of both these products are different, then how come does it affect the effectiveness, price tag, safety, and other factors as well?

Well, you don’t need to worry about anything now because, in this article, I will be providing the answers to every question that has and will arrive in your mind. So, just sit back, relax and keep reading this article to the end.

What is Generic Viagra?

This Generic Viagra is more often known and called by as “Sildenafil.” The active ingredient in medicine namely sildenafil citrate is used to treat all the possible symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED) and it is found in both the generic Viagra (Sildenafil) and the branded form of Viagra as well.

Have you heard the name of “Pfizer”? It is a pharmaceutical company and the branded form of Viagra is produced by them.

The fact that many people don’t know about is that the branded Viagra was manufactured before the generic Viagra (Sildenafil) and this Pfizer pharmaceuticals company was the first manufacturer of this sildenafil citrate medication (Generic Viagra you can say) and they produced a patent for it in the year 1996.

However, in the year 2003, the patent which was held by branded Viagra expired this year and this expiration allowed other manufacturers to manufacture and produce their generic versions of Viagra.

It doesn’t mean that the branded Viagra is not available at all now, it can still be bought but the brand name on the branded Viagra is only allowed to be used by none other but Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Company.

I would like to share another impressive and interesting fact about Viagra that it wasn’t originally produced and intended to be an ED (erectile dysfunction) medication.

Rather than being an ED medication, this Viagra was first being tested as a heart drug to treat issues such as high blood pressure and angina pain, but the trial performed by these clinics found that the men they tested this Viagra on, they were able to get an erection much easier as compared to normal people.

Hence, as a result, then this Viagra pills became available and were labeled as an ED (erectile dysfunction) treatment in the year 1998.

How Do These Generic Viagra Pills Work?

Well, when it comes to working then I should tell you that this Generic Viagra works the same as branded Viagra.

Both Generic Viagra and branded forms of Viagra perform in the same way and produce the same outcomes as each other. Both of these pills work by increasing the blood flow straight to the penis which makes your penis capable of getting and maintaining an erection much easier than a normal person without these pills.

You guys would be thinking that how well do this generic Viagra work, right? If anyone of you was thinking of this question then the answer mentioned below is just for you.

In all the men who have ED (erectile dysfunction), then both forms of Viagra the branded ones and the generic one have shown to provide successful results I approximately 2/3 of men who use these pills.

These pills of Viagra usually take around 30 to 60 minutes to start functioning and giving results, but the effect is said to last longer up to four hours so you can take these pills earlier. There is one important factor in these pills which is very important for you to remember that these pills only work if you are sexually stimulated.

Don’t be very happy with only knowing these interesting facts about Viagra. There is a risk of many side effects that can happen by taking any of these pills.

Both these Viagra and Sildenafil are deemed to be safe for treating ED (Erectile Dysfunction), but they can cause some side effects as well. Now, I am going to list below some of the most common side effects that can happen by taking in these pills.

  • Problematic headaches
  • Upset stomach or stomach ache
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Flushing
  • Muscular pain
  • Irregular and abnormal vision
  • Runny nose or blocked nose (both)

The dosage availability of both the generic Viagra and branded Viagra is the same. There are three doses available for both the generic Viagra and branded Viagra and these three dosages are 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg.

Generally, the dose which is recommended overall is the 50mg dose, but for the people who have tested and reviewed that this dose doesn’t provide them the results they wanted, so they may increase the dose to the 100mg one. Remember to take advice from your doctor before jumping onto a heavy dosage.

The 25mg dose is available for all the men who have taken and tried the 50mg does but had to face some side effects and now wants to minimize those side effects.

Branded Viagra Better Than Generic Viagra?

I have personally met and I know that many people have this question in their mind that whether the branded Viagra is better than the Generic Viagra or not.

Well, the answer to this question is “No”. Medically the branded form of Viagra is not better than the Generic Viagra because there is no medical difference between the generic and branded form f Viagra.

The main and only difference between these two is the name, the manufacturer, and the way these products are sold out.  Both of these, the branded form of Viagra and the generic Viagra work in the same way and can cause the same side effects which I have already mentioned earlier in this article.

Do you want to know how the non-medical differences compare both these products? I am going to list them below now.

Generic Viagra:

  • It is cheap
  • It is available in most of the same places in which the branded form of Viagra is available
  • It is not available over the counter
  • It is not available in our trial pack
  • It is much easier to get on the NHS

Branded Form of Viagra:

  • It costs more than the generic version of Viagra
  • It is available and you can get it from your GP, pharmacy, online pharmacy as well, but for that, you will need a doctor’s prescription
  • Over the counter version, Viagra Connect is available and you can get it without any prescription
  • You will need a private prescription most often

If you talk about the physical difference between both of these, the branded form of Viagra and the Generic Viagra, the only physical difference is the packaging of these products.

The Generic Viagra will likely have a different look if compared to the branded form of the Viagra from Pfizer, and I should not forget to mention that the Generic Viagra will also be priced more cheaply than the branded form of Viagra.

Are These Generic Medications Safe To Your Healthy Or Not?

Many people across the world have this question in their mind and even some of the people who are reading this article of mine would be thinking about this as well, right? Well, keep it in mind that the generic medications are just as safe as branded medications.

Until now any scientific evidence has not been provided to the people to suggest and intimate that the generic medications are less effective or safe as compared to the branded medications.

I know that there are many people even among you guys who think that these generic medicines are just a cheap herbal alternative to the branded form of medicines, but this is not the fact.

The sildenafil, generic Viagra and the branded form of Viagra are all the same medicines and all of these medications include all the same active ingredients, the same treatment guidelines and regulations, and the same positive effects as well as side effects.

If you are still very much worried about the issue that whether these medications are safe for your health or not, then a doctor can check the safety for you according to your health.

Go to your doctor and he will review you entirely along with your body to make sure that if you are suitable for Sildenafil or not before they prescribe it to you. There have been many cases where doctors don’t prescribe these medications to people who they think are not suitable for these medications.

Same goes for you, if your doctor won’t believe or take you as a suitable candidate for taking the generic Viagra, he will surely not prescribe you any of these, either the generic Viagra or the branded form of Viagra.

Just to save you guys a lot of time as you know that time is the most precious thing in this modern generation and world where technology is taking all over the world, I have some of the reasons why a doctor can take a person as unsuitable for the generic Viagra.

Below are mentioned all the possible reasons which if find inside you, the doctor will not prescribe you the generic or the branded version of Viagra.

  • You would be having a kidney or any kind of liver problems
  • If you have ever had a cardio issue
  • If you have recently had a heart attack or a heart stroke
  • If you are allergic to any medications, sildenafil is also included in these medications
  • If you don’t have static blood pressure and you are suffering from high or low blood pressure
  • You would be having a retinitis pigmentosa
  • You must be having a stomach ulcer
  • You might be having a penis abnormality or deformity you can say

Another thing you should keep in mind that you cannot take this SILDENAFIL if you have already taken a medication that contains nitrates just because these are usually prescribed and recommended to the people who have bad cardiac conditions and cardiac problems such as angina.

10 Things You Should Know About Generic Viagra

General Sildenafil and Viagra are known to be the most popular and famous drugs which are available in the market today. There are thousands of commercials and jokes which have been a result of their popularity but how much these commercials do and ads tell you about the Viagra and Erectile Dysfunction.

There are many of the things which are often missed out about the Generic Viagra. They are described as under:

  1. There are multiple and various manufacturers of Generic Viagra

The original manufacturing of generic Viagra was manufactured by only two companies which are named as Kamagra and Cenforce. On the other hand, in December 2017, some of the companies such as Vidalista and Fildena started its production of the same generic Viagra with a much lesser price point.

  1. The price point of this medicine keeps on getting down

The mother companies such as Kamagra and Cenforce of this generic Viagra who have originally manufactured this medic have priced Sildenafil at 50 percent of the actual price of the tablet and it keeps on dropping more and more in price.

  1. There is no difference between a Sildenafil and a brand named Viagra

Both the Sildenafil and Viagra include the same as the active ingredient and it is known to have the same effect. The patients are most worried and concerned about the generic use of Sildenafil which is that if it is taken under a proper prescription and proper instruction, it will have the same impact as a branded Viagra.

Both of these physically different from one another as they go from a little blue pill to a white one.

  1. There are different dosages of Viagra instruction for different types of people

A brand which is named Viagra has packaged tablets into various dosages for various and different persons such as in 25 mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg.

  1. It is known to be one of the most counterfeited drugs in all around the globe

The counterfeit of a Viagra or you can say a fake or imitating Viagra has been so widespread that the companies such as Pfizer have their security forces which have raided or have broken down in an entire market and cuts down the unregulated Sildenafil from the market.

Their specific team was referred to as a Ceforce Global Security, and it has worked with full-fledged law enforcement, wholesalers, pharmacies etcetera to monitor and keep an eye on such unregulated drugs which then improves the surveillance and inspection on the counterfeit Viagra.

Having a Global Security team is the most important and essential as Kamagra has found that 80 percent of the Viagra sales that has claimed to be a legit one was counterfeit or fake and has a mixture of some of the dangerous substances such as road paint, rat poison, and ink, etc, and it mixed with the medicine which can also be fatal when it is consumed.

  1. Different versions of Sildenafil already exist in the market

The Sildenafil is an active ingredient and it is made with two common drugs that are available in the market these days. They are Viagra and Kamagra and they are used for completely different usages.

Kamagra is used and consumed to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension while on the other hand Viagra is used and it is consumed by men to treat the Erectile Dysfunction.

The version of Sildenafil which is used for hypertension comes in a dosage 20 mg tablets while as the other one which can cure the Erectile Dysfunction comes in a dosage of 50 mg to 100 mg.

  1. The Generic Viagra does have side effects

While there is a massive list of all the good things that the Viagra provides and does to men and their body, there is also the other side of the story. Viagra comes with a bunch of side effects which a person who uses it may or may not experience.

In a typical scenario side effects such as the blood pressure goes low, you suffer from headache, indigestion or an erection which lasts for about five hours have been reported.

It is advised and instructed to the consumer of Viagra that he should speak to the physician if you experience any of these above mentioned side effects for a more extended period of time.

  1. There are places where this is available without any of the medical prescriptions

Some of countries such as the United Kingdom are known to be one of the first countries to sell Viagra without having an actual instruction or prescription to buy one. This step is taken by the FDA to reduce the amount of unregulated Viagra which is sold in the market.

  1. There is more to this Viagra than just treating Erectile Dysfunction

The Viagra was originally developed and manufactured to treat other diseases such as angina and chest pain which later came up with a bunch of side effects when it is used to treat chest pain such as increasing the number of erections which then had to approve for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Because of this, Sildenafil is now also used for treating high blood pressure and hypertension in addition to ED.

  1. It is advised that to take certain precautions before taking a dose of Viagra

There are some of the lifestyle changes that one should have to make sure for their own safety. Viagra is a drug which is very sensitive and if it is taken at the wrong circumstances and disturbs the body to show some of the side effects.

It is also important to mention and give the exact medical history to your doctor so that the medicine is recommended to you in a suitable dosage according to your medical condition.

Also, the Generic Viagra as compared to the brand Viagra, the Generic Viagra is cheaper than Viagra. In addition to that, there is not much of the difference between the two. Both of them have the same active ingredient which is also known as Sildenafil.

These are the things and facts that the person who wants to buy the Generic Viagra should know about. I hope this article of mine helps you in knowing the 10 things about the Generic Viagra.